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it's still before midnight here; NO REALLY

Which is important because not only does it mean I need to get to bed now, it also means it's still May 14, which is to say, happy 20th birthday, piratecatarina! I miss you and wish you could visit me, or I could visit you, or something. Also I am going to talk to you about this teaching thing, because despite my desire to not teach, I have to admit the salary made my ears perk up. Metaphorically speaking. Also yes still going to post pictures of your awesome birthdaymasentinetrick's day presents...and even though my birthdayfic for you was so late it was practically an early present for this birthday, I'm still planning to scrape up...something. Even if it's just a fic teaser or two.




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May. 15th, 2008 12:47 pm (UTC)
Aww you are superb! Are you talking about teaching in Scotland? That would be so fantastically amazing if you did. From what I have seen of the registration process, you have to have a degree in the subject area (as I am assuming you would want to teach secondary English) and go through a teacher qualification one year course. I am still not sure what all I have to go through to get approved but we shall see. I can give you all sorts of links for more information.

And yes, the salary is wonderful.
( 1 dares disturb the universe — do you dare disturb the universe? )