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17 December
This profile is SUPER OLD; I haven't updated it since probably 2011 or earlier and I'm not on here enough anymore to want to bother with changing it. I do occasionally use LJ for commenting, especially on fanfic-exchange communities, which is why I'm just adding this note. The Tumblr and Twitter accounts linked here are accurate and kept updated, though.

made for me by the wonderful faeriemaiden, mostly because i was too lazy.

i'm in ravenclaw!

{ wear }

twenty-something English grad student hoping for a degree in library science after this, who has no real idea what it's supposed to mean to be An Adult (life after grad school is not something often contemplated). former homeschooler (k-10) who graduated from tiny Christian school and from college with a 3.9. semi-reformed perfectionist who's still afraid of failing and letting people down. former copy editor for student newspaper on campus and loved job for the first time ever (what's not fun about letting inner grammar nazi out to play and getting paid for it?), where said perfectionism actually does come in handy. writer of fiction and occasional poetry, who spends a lot of time fighting with a recalcitrant muse and dreams of becoming a novelist but mostly dabbles in fanfiction and plods along in a sci-fi novel that's been going on--but not so swimmingly--since 2002. lover of music who knows very little about it but can usually be found either singing, humming, or plugged into Sirius, a shiny black iPod. introvert who gets claustrophobic in crowds and doesn't like people in general but would probably die without--or for--certain of them (you know who you are). devotee of far too many fandoms. avid reader, mostly of sc-fi and fantasy at the moment. conservative Christian. semi-rabid shipper of remus/tonks who ships strictly canon (aside from post-DH AU, anyway), hates ship wars, and doesn't believe in slash. supporter of house unity who would probably make friends with people from each house (yes, even slytherin--they're not all evil!) but identifies most closely with ravenclaw and is pretty sure the sorting hat would agree.

snarky, often cynical and a little jaded, but still hopeful, sometimes. pretends to be intelligent. knows a little about a lot of things and not much about anything, but maybe more about writing, certain fandoms, and grammar than most.

||a hundred indecisions||
this journal: would like to contain intelligent essays on life, the universe, and everything that people would actually read. actually contains random ramblings on everything from the weather (cold at the moment, thanks) to fanbrats, from college life to my crazy characters. also contains the oxford comma, all the time (note said uncanonical comma in "life, the universe, and everything" above), even though it's not associated press style and therefore had to be slain brutally at the paper. & colons & semi-colons & hyphens & things.

||all the works and days of hands||
other places: theturningworld, my art & writing journal, for things like fic, mixes, and other miscellanea (like icons, if i ever make any). fanfiction.net, a.k.a. The Pit of Voles, where there is fanfiction of all kinds, but mostly harry potter, doctor who, and some tolkien, plus some other random things; basically all fic found there can also be found at theturningworld, plus proper formatting and other things. twitter, where updates happen frequently because they're all of 140 characters long. dusk through narrow streets, where i travel around the world a little and ramble about it (although not so much lately). lost quite classically, where there are brief book reviews (ditto). myspace, where not much happens. deviantART, where there is photography, photomanipulation, and other things, all of which are also (very very very) sporadically updated. the stock account, where there is stock, of me and various backgrounds & things, for general--but mostly deviantART--usage, also not updated in ages. visions and revisions, my main tumblr, which is basically the easier, online version of the commonplace book I always wanted to start; I also run f yeah fireflies and f yeah raspberries, which are exactly what they say on the tin, and oh, this town (kills you when you're young) for my sort-of-in-progress novel thieves' honor.

BPA/DH MOP1*(GF1) RL+ HP+ HG+ SB+ DU- B+++++++QB M++++ C+ FF+| RL|NT+!

GC/FA/L/MU/O d-@ s-:- a--- C++(+) U?> P L E? W++>+++ N K- o? w(---) O? M(+) V? PS-- PE+ Y- PGP- t- 5? X R- tv b+(+++) DI+ D-- G e>++ h! !r x-

"Verily, Kyra is made of awesome. And semi-colons."

"Kyro is krazy like a Kookaburra!"

"She's really smart, and she's one of those people that just exudes 'writer'."

"So Kyra's pretty much like a walking Wikipedia."

"Kyra (n.): made of win and grammartasticness. And stories. ♥"

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